Love Love Love design and craft collective is a small group of talented individuals with creative pizazz! We love the environment and we love design and art.

Like bower birds we collect things that others have thrown out, or occur naturally in our world. We then apply that creative pizazz to bring you unique, hand made and useful gifts and treasures. In our mass production society it's nice to know that what you have is a one-off and it's not going to be seen in every second home on the street.

We see beauty in nearly everything, it just sometimes needs a little help to realise its full potential. Hopefully you'll see it too in our finished products.

Love Love Love is the brainchild of two sisters who were looking for a creative outlet. Both passionate about home renovation, taking unattractive homes and making them beautiful, this is the same thing on a miniature scale. Most of our raw materials can be found in building skips and we've always thought it was terribly wasteful so being able to recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose was important to us.

So Love Love Love was born of the things we love; home decoration, the garden, dogs, art, the environment and the natural world.

Meet The Team